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        Dean's Circle Annual Reports

        2020-2021 Report

        2019-2020 Report

        2018-2019 Report

        2017-2018 Report

        2016-2017 Report

        2015-2016 Report

        2014-2015 Report

        The Edwards Dean's Circle is an exclusive membership-based group of successful alumni and business people who help us play a vital role in building a vibrant and thriving business community.

        It honours and strengthens bonds with alumni, friends, and business professionals. It demonstrates your pride in your roots and your community. And it's an ongoing commitment to giving back.

        Enjoy the privileges of membership: networking with Edwards' most influential and caring circle of friends; guiding our development; and giving our students the best opportunities.

        View the current members of the Edwards Dean's Circle.

        N. Murry Edwards Headshot

        "The lessons I learned at the Edwards School of Business (then the College of Commerce) are cornerstones of my business success. I'm especially proud to see the lessons and values still being taught today. They have helped me make substantial investments in our economy. It's a privilege and an honour to give back to the place that has had such an impact on my business career."

        N. Murray Edwards, BComm '82
        Dean's Circle Visionary Member